17th October 2022

Most shoppers are used to FREE shipping and so its somewhat expected now especially with many competitors offering it.

We have had free shipping since we opened Phaser FPV in 2014 but over the last 3 years our business has morphed and our product range is vastly different to when we started.

For example we now have 10-20kg orders of filament when previously we only had orders under 1kg when everyone was ordering small drone parts.

This has made free shipping a nightmare and in a lot of cases where customers are regional we make no money because freight is to high and we covered it.

Today we change our offering from FREE shipping, to a DISCOUNT off shipping. This has many pros vs cons and I think majority of customers will be happy with the change.

Orders over $99 will get a $3 discount
Orders over $150 will get a $7.50 discount
Orders over $250 will get a $10 discount
Orders over $500 will get a $15 discount
Orders over $1000 will get a $20 discount
Orders over $1500 will get a $30 discount
Orders over $2000 will get a $40 discount
Orders over $3000 will get a $50 discount

This discount will appear as an automatic discount and be displayed at your cart as a discount on your overall purchase, instead of removing it from your shipping price.


  • If you only order 500g your shipping is still free if over $150 when selecting our Aramex offering or under $1 if choosing AU Post.
  • We now give a small discount for over $99
  • You can now upgrade to express post without feeling ripped off.
    EG. AUSPOST STD is $8 and express is $12, now you only have to pay the true difference of $4 to upgrade.
  • FREE SHIPPING is no longer an option and as such you know EXACTLY how your item will ship because you get to choose it.
    Many customers were frustrated that free shipping meant they could only get it shipped via aramex when they wanted AU post - Now you select and only pay a minor different if wanting to 'upgrade' to AU Post
  • We can now offering more/higher discounts for spending more and have more Tiers as above. eg. We now give a bigger discount for orders over $1000
  • We can now apply these same Shipping discounts to international orders. Previously 'free shipping' was only available for AU Residents.
  • On certain orders where weight is low you may get more of a discount. EG. $1000 pair of googles only got $9 off shipping, now you would get a $20 discount. ( $11 more)
  • Local customers now get the same discount/incentive as shipping customers for ordering online before coming to store saving labour costs when customers arrive in store and haven't placed an online order.


  • Orders over 500g when you spend $150 are now slightly higher as the shipping discount won't cover the entire amount. 
  • The shipping appears on the cart that you are still paying for it. (instead you have a discount on the entire cart to subside the freight)
  • People in remote towns will now need to fork out a bit more $$ for heavy and larger orders. This may mean some customers are paying $20-30 more than what they were getting beforehand with our previous free shipping offering.
  • We now need to slowly go over our site and reword free shipping to the above and explain it to all our customers.

As this is brand new and we are trialing it we are open to suggestions and changes and tweaking the 4 tiers we currently have on offer. If you  have any feedback or concerns please contact us.