Voron 2.4 R1 Functional Parts Set Printed in Prusament Polycarbonate Carbon Fibre with Fire Engine Red Accents

$429.95 AUD

Printed on demand - Ships in 24-48 Hours

Hotend: E3D V6

  • E3D V6
  • Dragon
  • Slice Engineering Mosquito

MCU: Octopus

  • Octopus
  • SKR Mini E3
  • SKR 1.3/1.4
  • SKR Pro
  • Fysetc Spider
  • Duet Duex
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Are you looking to buy a Voron 2.4 R1 Carbon Edition Functional Parts set in Australia?

This is a full functional parts set designed to get your 2.4 kit up and running so you are able to print the non functional parts needed to complete the kit.
Non Accent parts printed in Prusament Polycarbonate Carbon fibre with eSun ABS+ Fire Engine Red Accents.

If you would prefer another colour for the accents please let us know in the order comments.

Hotend configurations for this kit come with Afterburner Printed Parts.
Please check the BOM for your printer and purchase a Stealthburner kit separately if required.

Stealthburner CW1
Stealthburner CW2

View all our Voron 3D Printed Part Kits here.

What does Functional / Non Functional Parts Mean?

This relates to printed parts for 2.4 & Trident. 0.,1 comes with all printed parts so its not applicable.

The functional parts give you all the parts required to do your first print, however some people have been underwhelmed after buying the functional parts and putting it together.

-Functional Parts will not give you an enclosed ready printer for printing ABS
-Functional Parts do not include any skirting or acrylic panel mounting.

The idea is that you could print these in PLA as they are external once you have your printer runing and then in other materials later once you have an enclosure.

You may decide that you would like to buy Functional & NON Functional parts before you start building your Kit if this does not sound ideal.

Voron Kits will NOT ship in 24 to 48 hours like other print on demand products.
Kits can sometimes take up to a week per kit depending on extras and configurations.
Due to high demand there is often a queue.



  • printhead_front_*selected hotend*.stl
  • printhead_rear_*selected hotend*.stl
  • chain_anchor.stl
  • chain_anchor_10x11chains.stl
  • extruder_body.stl
  • extruder_motor_plate.stl
  • latch_shuttle.stl
  • [a]_connector_cover.stl
  • [a]_guidler.stl
  • [a]_latch.stl

AB Drive Units:


  • a_drive_frame_lower.stl
  • a_drive_frame_upper.stl
  • b_drive_frame_lower.stl
  • b_drive_frame_upper.stl
  • [a]_z_chain_retainer_bracket_x2.stl
  • [a]_cable_cover.stl



  • blower_housing_rear.stl
  • hotend_fan_mount.stl
  • probe_retainer_bracket.stl
  • x_carriage_frame_left.stl
  • x_carriage_frame_right.stl
  • x_carriage_pivot_block.stl
  • [a]_belt_clamp_x2.stl
  • [a]_blower_housing_front.stl


  • a]_z_belt_clip_lower_x4.stl
  • [a]_z_belt_clip_upper_x4.stl

Front Idlers:

  • front_idler_left_lower.stl
  • front_idler_left_upper.stl
  • front_idler_right_lower.stl
  • front_idler_right_upper.stl
  • [a]_tensioner_left.stl
  • [a]_tensioner_right.stl


  • z_joint_lower_x4.stl
  • z_joint_upper_x4.stl
  • z_joint_upper_hall_effect.stl


  • xy_joint_left_lower.stl
  • xy_joint_left_upper.stl
  • xy_joint_right_lower.stl
  • xy_joint_right_upper.stl
  • [a]_endstop_pod_hall_effect.stl
  • [a]_endstop_pod_microswitch.stl
  • [a]_xy_joint_cable_bridge_generic.stl
  • [a]_xy_joint_cable_bridge_igus.stl


  • z_drive_main_a_x2.stl
  • z_drive_main_b_x2.stl
  • z_drive_retainer_a_x2.stl
  • z_drive_retainer_b_x2.stl
  • z_motor_mount_a_x2.stl
  • z_motor_mount_b_x2.stl
  • z_chain_bottom_anchor.stl
  • z_chain_guide.stl
  • [a]_belt_tensioner_a_x2.stl
  • [a]_belt_tensioner_b_x2.stl
  • [a]_z_drive_baseplate_a_x2.stl
  • [a]_z_drive_baseplate_b_x2.stl


  • z_tensioner_bracket_a_x2.stl
  • z_tensioner_bracket_b_x2.stl
  • [a]_z_tensioner_x4_9mm.stl


  • nozzle_probe.stl
  • rail_installation_guide_center_x2.stl
  • bowen_retainer.stl
  • spool_holder.stl

Electronics Mounting:

  • plug_panel_filtered_mains.stl

DIN Brackets:

  • lrs_psu_bracket_clip.stl
  • raspberrypi_bracket.stl
  • rs25_psu_bracket_clip.stl
  • pcb_din_clip_x3.stl

Selection for Hotend parts:

  • E3D V6
  • Slice Mosquito
  • Triangle Labs dragon

Selection for MCU brackets:

  • Duet Duex
  • BTT SKR 1.3 / 1.4
  • BTT Octopus
  • Fysetc Spider

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Voron 2.4 R1 Functional Parts Set Printed in Prusament Polycarbonate Carbon Fibre with Fire Engine Red Accents

E3D V6 / Octopus
E3D V6 / Octopus