Choosing an Electric Unicycle in 2021 can be daunting! There is so many models and each have pros and cons and differ on their major features.

At Phaser FPV we try and buy the best wheel for each type of range of riders - Below we provide a easy guide breakdown of the wheels we sell in 2020/2021 for each price bracket / range.

For more detailed information you want to check out our Electric Unicycle blog for full reviews on each wheel.

Did you know we offer EUC lessons, hire, try before you buy for our electric unicycles? Come get some honest advice - There are so many models to choose from - we will break down what is best for you. 

Beginner / Entry wheels

On a budget

  • IPS I5 $995 | 14 Inch Wheel
    Strong and durable
    Very Light and portable
  • Gotway MTEN 3 $895  | 10 Inch Wheel
    We only sourced as we will eventually run out of IPS I5
    Faster / Better performance
    tubeless tyre


  • InMotion V8F $1595 | 16 Inch Wheel 
  • Kingsong 16s $1695 | 16 Inch Wheel

Beginner / Straight into the big boys

Advanced \ High performance wheels

  • Gotway Nikola $3295 | 17 Inch Wheel
    An oldie, but a classic. We still stock this because we love its 360 degree LEDS and its shape and speed are unique in the high performance wheels.
  • Gotway RS $3395 | 19 Inch Wheel
    Gotways top selling performance wheel. Previously known as the MSX/MSP and famous for those feeling the need for speed and TORQUE compared to 16X/18XL
  • Kingsong S18 $3249 | 18 Inch Wheel
    Our favourite off-road trickster wheel! Check out our S18 Review.
  • InMotion V11 - $3395 | 18 Inch Wheel
    Although not as high-performance as S18 and RS we still classify this as an advanced wheel. Its not easy for beginners and takes considerable learning time even for experienced riders due to its much higher stance.

At Phaser FPV we only sell wheels that have been tried and tested. This means we usually wait until batch 3 or 4 has been released and major issues have been resolved. Electric Unicycles in the first few batches are renowned for having problems. We want you to be safe and feel confident in your wheel, so until we believe in and test the product, you won't see it in stock in our store. See below some wheels that are on that "future list."

Wheels coming in the future / months away.