Our Inmotion V11 is from the 1st batch which we received in early September 2020 in Australia.

If you're in Australia, did you know we do lessons, hire and try before you buy for EUCs?

Who is this EUC suited for? This wheel for someone looking for the most comfortable ride on paved or off-road trails but doesn't want to be doing crazy jumps or drop-offs.

It is perfect for a long commute or to ride to work on.

The combination of the increased ride height and the placement of the suspension, this is byfar the comfiest wheel to ride.

The dual suspension on the wheel also allows for a heavier rider, up to 120kg. This is one of few wheels desiged for riders over 100kg, other than the Kingsong 18XL.

Check out our S18 vs V11 for more info on the comparison.

Main specifications that you will care about:

  • Real-world range (70-90kg rider): 60-70km
  • Wheel Size: 18 Inches
  • Battery: 84V @ 1420Wh
  • Charge Time: 10h or 5h with dual charger
  • Wheel Weight: 27kg
  • Features include:
    • IPS55 Water Rating
    • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Inmotion V11 Manual


  • Super comfortable ride
  • Suspension is built into the frame, so it only suspends the rider
  • Headlight is super bright and powerfull
  • Nice LED battery indicator for easy monitoring
  • Nice kickstand to use when wheel isn't in use


  • Difficult to ride and turn at speeds over 20-25km/h
  • No RBG lights or in-built speakers
  • Too heavy to do any jumps or drop-offs with
  • Top side plates don't have much meat around the screws and break easily if the wheel drops on its side
    Normal                                                                               Broken

  • The calf supports aren't the greatest. We upgraded to some PowerPads and it made the ride so much more comfortable.

How to pump up V11 Shock

The manual briefly covers pumping up the shock but here is the best method we found.

Recommended Pressures:

Main chamber: Down the Bottom

Negative chamber: Below the handle

  1. Take the screws out holding the two side plates on using a 3mm Hex:
    1. Two on on either side below the handle at the front and back
    2. Two on either side above the footpad
  2. Slide both side panels off. The slide on rails so don't just rip off
  3. Pump up the top chamber (50 PSI for any weight)
  4. Re-attach side panels, making sure to slide on again properly
  5. Unscrew bottom caps to reveal main chambers
  6. Pump main chamber to specific PSI for weight range above.
  7. Screw caps back on

Inmotion V11 Tyre Pressure

70-80kg Rider

30-35 PSI

100kg Rider

35-40 PSI

120kg Rider

40-45 PSI

What is the V11 Storage Voltage

The V11 features a 20S Li-Ion battery, so storage voltage is calculated below:

20 x 3.85V = 77V or 60% battery


If you have any questions relating to the Kingsong S18 or more detailed opinions of the wheel, shoot us through an email to hello@phaserfpv.co.au or jump on the LiveChat and say hello!