In our review below we compare the differences between S18 and V11. If you would like a more focused review on each type please view our Kingsong S18 review and Inmotion V11 review for more in-depth details.

Both of these wheels we feel are advanced wheels. If this is your first wheel, it will be a lot harder to learn compared to say a Kingsong 16S, 16X or 18XL.


Inmotion V11 Summary Comparison

The V11 is like a Rolls-royce/cadillac in how it rides. Its a super comfortable and smooth electric unicycle to ride.

This is because the V11 keeps all the weight in body and only suspends the rider so all the small bumps and typical ride feel get absorbed a lot more, making for an easy ride on your legs and body. 

This does have some downsides however. On larger jumps and going down stairs, as in the video below at timestamp 1:25, you will see it springs the rider off the pedals on big bumps and drop offs/stairs. This is due to the design of the wheel keeping all the mass in the wheel and not above the suspension. 

The inmotion V11 is also a lot higher ride than any other wheel we stock. Because of how high you stand, manouverability over 25km/h provides a totally different ride style which takes a considerably longer time to get used to and feel safe riding compared to other wheels.

Any speeds under 25km/h provide similar manouverability to your typical wheel where it is easy to turn and ride. 

Kingsong S18 Summary Comparison

The S18 however is like a Jeep. Its compact and tough. You lock in your knees and ankles and grip hard on this thing cause you're going to his some terrain!

On the S18, you will still feel a lot of bumps. This makes it feel similar to a normal EUC when riding on footpaths or dirt track but its like a dirt bike, better for jumps, tricks and big drop offs. We've done some crazy drop-off and stair tests to see how they compare and we've never riden a wheel like this. The ability when riding in an urban environment to jump down a set of stairs or bunny hop over a gutter wasn't possible before this wheel, but now, its openend up a whole new level of fun with these wheels. 

This wheel isn't perfect though, as mentioned in our review, it isn't the most comfortable wheel to ride and cruise along on as the type of foam used for the padding isn't enough stop your legs from hurting after around 15 minutes. We added additional foam to the calf supports to make it easier for everyday riding.


V11 Pros & cons vs vS18

  • Suspension built into frame, suspension only supports the rider
  • Very soft ride, absorbs everything.
  • The headlight goes the further than S18 however its a very narrow light.

S18 Pros and Cons VS V11

  • Suspension built into wheel, suspension supports batteies and rider
  • Suspension travel not as nice, you can feel a lot more bumps.
  • Light and nimbal.
  • The light has two modes and can have a very wide viewing angle and is quite bright. We actually prefer it over the V11.

What features are the same?

  • REAL RANGE - Both will do 60-70km total
  • SAME top speed of 50km/h however due to S18 battery being smaller it will have more battery sag and at lower capacity you will want to go lower speeds to be safe. 

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