Many customers face the question of which unicycle to get - Both are similarly priced. Many end up going for the 16x purely because it is a newer model, but in some cases, the 18XL may indeed be a better choice.

Heres my take on it as I own and ride both.

If you need an URBAN workhorse and need to duck in and out of cars, or stop and start a lot on your work commute the Kingsong 16x is the right option.

If you, however, want to go for distance, and you traveling at similar speeds most of the time, the 18XL will suit you better as it has much more distance and is a comfortable long commuter.

Which has better Speakers?

The 16x being newer does sound better, however you would not be disappointed with the 18XL speakers. Both are sufficient for the job.

Which has more range?

The 18XL has way more range due to its larger size and wheel. this is why we recommend it for distance if you are not stopping and starting all the time.

Which looks cooler?
The 16x no doubt definitely looks cooler with its RGB lighting wrapped around the front of the wheel, but are you really buying a wheel based on looks? haha ok maybe you are ;) 

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