The Kingsong 16x manual says 2.5 bars which are equal to 37 psi.

However, on the tire it states a min 40 psi and max 65 psi? Which is correct?

The tyres userd on EUCs are are made for 14", or 16" bikes - none specifically for EUC hence the readings on the tyres should not be followed.

The "correct" pressure will always be personal preference and depends on your Rider weight. It also depends on how much "suspension" you want. If you prefer a software feel, having more give in your tire will be preferable. 

If when riding it feels to "mushy" then you need to pump it up more. If you are feeling every bump then you may want to lower a bit.

A good starting range is 35-40PSI and adjust from there.

We have provided some examples below that you may also like to try.

75kg Rider

Soft Feel - 32psi
Hard Feel - 38psi

100kg Rider

Soft Feel - 35psi
Hard Feel - 40psi

What do you think? Share your own personal preferences below.

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